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Hi, I’m

John Hegarty​

I am a materials engineer. I attended public high school in the small Connecticut town where I grew up. I then enrolled in college at Brown University. I’ve spent my time at Brown honing my skill set as an engineer while also improving my creative and writing abilities. I served as a technical support intern for Dassault Systèmes where I help beta test the 2020 version of the SOLIDWORKS software. I have also conducted undergraduate research, started a small business selling my art, worked on multiple startups, mentored and tutored other students, played club squash and been involved with various other extracurriculars.


Moving forward, I hope to continue tackling difficult problems with the rigor of my data-driven analytical training coupled with my innate curiosity and creativity. I intend to publish an honors thesis, complete a capstone project within engineering, and also complete a community engaged capstone project as part of Brown University’s Engaged Scholars Program. 



Creative Problem Solving

One of my defining characteristics is that I think outside the box. My visual arts background has aided my ability to complete ambitious projects. It bolsters my detailed oriented approach to technical problem-solving. It has also led me to pursue small business ventures selling my artwork.


Work Ethic

I dedicate myself wholeheartedly and enthusiastically to all my work. I was inducted into the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi for being in the top 8th of my engineering class at Brown. In both high school and college I have maintained a 4.0 GPA. While working for Dassault I completed more beta service requests than the nine other interns and more than twice the average. 

Technical Skills

I value and pride myself on my ability to communicate effectively with others through both written media and face-to-face conversation. At Brown, I have taken writing classes ranging from non-fiction to poetry and written various technical lab reports and design project analyses.

I am a certified SolidWorks professional. I have programming experience with MATLAB, Python and Mathematica. I am also experienced at data manipulation and visualization in Excel. 



P    O    R    T    F    O    L    I    O



While working at Dassault I was involved in various projects from processing beta service requests, to creating a video for the SolidWorks Youtube channel, to devising a marketing strategy for new Dassault's new 3D platform. 


Designed and conducted economic analysis on a fully functional hydrogen plant run by photovoltaics.

Design-Progect-Flow-Diagram.png (2).jpg


Predicted vibrational behavior of a cantilever beam under magnetic forces with MATLAB. Determined optimal beam geometry and implemented a system to determine unknowns surface geometry.  


Research into the origins of tensile stress in thin films. Paper of results planned. 

6 temps root.jpg

Designed and manufactured a functional vertical axis wind turbine to generate renewable energy.




Designed an Irridium-Zirconium alloy in Pandat modeling software. 

final diagram.JPG

Deep dive into mechanical properties in copper and martensitic steel. Analysis of the ductile to brittle transition in BCC metals. 


LiveWire ArtWorks

Business venture selling my own wire jewelry and sculptures.




Tau Beta Pi

Spring 2019

Tau Beta Pi


Elected vice president of engineering honors society.

Fall 2018-Present

Inducted to engineering honors society; lead tours of engineering campus.

University Group Tutor

Spring 2018 - Present

Materials Reseach Society

Materials Reseach Society

Fall 2018

Fall 2018-Present


Helped plan speaker events; oversaw budget usage and event reimbursements 


Helped plan speaker events; oversaw budget usage and event reimbursements 

Engineering Team Leader

Organize and lead training sessions for all other engineering tutors on teaching strategies and best practices

Engineering TA

Fall 2018

Homework grader for materials engineering course

Meiklejohn Program

Fall 2018 - Present

Departmental Representative for Materials Engineering

Field questions from all Brown first-years about concentrating in materials engineering

Thin Film Research

Summer 2018

Brown University Researcher

Developed a theoretical in MATLAB to explain the onset of tensile stress in thin-film growth


Spring 2018 - Fall 2018

Designed, CAD modeled, and produced silicone cases for keys that adhere to the back of phones and help prevent dorm room lockouts

University Group Tutor

Spring 2018 - Present

Created lesson plans and tutored students in Dynamics & Vibrations, Electricity & Magnetism, and Thermodynamics  engineering courses 

Meiklejohn Program

Spring 2018 - Present

Student Advisor

Act as primary academic and social advisor for a group of 5 first-year students; organize regular check-ins; collaborate with a faculty advisor.

Chemistry TA

Spring 2017 - Fall 2017

Led group problem sessions for an introductory chemistry course.

Jewelry Cafe

Summer 2017

Expanded business selling jewelry to sell out of the Jewelry Cafe, an artist cooperative in Woodbury, CT

Vagabond Magizine

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Did photography for articles

Bridge Design Contest

Fall 2106

Won bridge design contest in intro engineering class of 150+ students

Triple Helix Magazine

Fall 2016

Brown University

Wrote an article on the urban forest for science and society magazine

Fall 2016


LiveWire ArtWorks

Summer 2016

Sold jewelry and sculpture online 

Brookfield High School

Summer 2016

Graduated as Valedictorian


Spring 2016

Team captain

Competed in and advanced to second round of state tournament

National Honor Society


Chapter president

Organized 5K run for charity and blood drive for the Red Cross among other events

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